RP501: Redwood Pharma makes official name for mild dry eye therapeutic development program

Following the earlier announcement Redwood Pharma has officially named the new development project for treatment of mild dry eye as RP501. This program builds upon recent clinical evidence that IntelliGel alone can provide relief to patients – evaluated by objective and subjective measures. RP501 is intended to treat a unique patient population of mild sufferers of both sexes.

With unique clinical evidence strengthening its competitive positioning, RP501 will be able to compete in a growing market of mild dry eye therapies including artificial tears valued at over USD 2 billion globally according to market survey by TMR in 2020. Market drivers include an ageing population, increased computer use/ screen time and increased pollution. A recent market survey of patients performed by Redwood Pharma in the US and Europe indicate that the market is in need of therapies that are effective and reduce the number of instillations per day. An estimated 40% (approximately 3.4 million people in the US and EU) of those surveyed would be interested in switching to it from their current products used today.

“With the help of regulatory experts, the Redwood Pharma team is now evaluating the development and regulatory paths forward to realize a product for initial commercialization in the US and EU, two of the largest markets globally. Once these paths have crystalized, Redwood will be able to define those activities needed to complete regulatory applications – it is our intention to communicate this to the market as soon as possible. We are clearly excited about this commercial opportunity to expand our product portfolio by leveraging our understanding of IntelliGel, results from the RP101 dry eye program and our clinical expertise in this area of ophthalmology. As there are many forms of dry eye and no single silver bullet, RP501 and RP101 can provide symptom relief to different groups of patients”, states CEO Martin Vidaeus.

For more information:

Martin Vidaeus, CEO Redwood Pharma AB (publ.)
Tel: +46 (0) 70 232 29 29
E-mail: martin.vidaeus@redwoodpharma.com

About Redwood Pharma

Redwood Pharma develops ophthalmic products for unmet medical needs through novel approaches. In providing commercial partners and their customers with effective medical solutions, the company currently has products in development to treat dry eye disease in different target patient populations. The RP101 program targets moderate-to-severe dry eye disease in postmenopausal women by delivering a low-dose estrogen therapy to the front of the eye. The RP501 program aims to treat milder forms of dry eye in a broader patient population including both men and women.  For other potential drug substances and therapeutic areas, the Company can employ the IntelliGel drug delivery platform that enhances patient convenience by controlling dosing and potentially reducing the number of instillations per day and subsequent side-effects. Redwood Pharma leverages its strengths in early clinical development and aims to generate revenues through, among others, licensing agreements with companies that have capabilities to manufacture and sell medical products worldwide.

Redwood Pharma AB (publ) is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market (Ticker: REDW.ST, ISIN: SE008294789).